Frequently Asked Questions

VPS Related

Why you are providing such VPS mega resources at such cheap rates? Are you sharing the resources?

Yes, we providing high quality mega resources at very cheap rates so that every person could able to afford quality Virtual Private Servers. No are not sharing the resources which allotted to you to someone else, it is fully dedicated to you. However, we allow only allow high CPU usage for VPS as per fair usage policy.

What are differences between Self-Managed, Semi-Managed & Fully Managed

Self-Managed Servers covers support for only Hardware and Network issues.
Semi Managed server means we setup your server with your desired OS and Control Panel along with Domain & Nameserver setup. Apart from these, we checkup for Internal issues too along with Hardware and Network. We also try to help you to guide/recommend with various things that can be implemented to resolve/setup for server.
Fully Managed server means we fully manage your server including hardware, network, software setup (if possible), domain, nameserver, firewall, port, etc. setup. We also setup OS & control panel of your choice, ready for monitoring and fixing the issues. We always keen to find the solution and quickly resolve the issue with premium support. For more information, contact sales.

What do you mean by Un-metered Bandwidth?

Unmetered Bandwidth means unlimited data traffic over some bandwidth. Its totally unmetered, however, the usage should be as per fair usage policy.

At which location does your server/datacenter is located?

Our Datacenter located at Germany as for now and more new locations will be added soon.

Why Setup fee are added in some plans?

o Setup Fees are charged to maintain quality of server resources (e.g. IP address), and preventing spammers to not to abuse our servers. These setup fees are sometimes waived off if you are provided with the promocodes or going for higher billing cycles.

Can I Upgrade/Downgrade the VPS?

Yes, you can upgrade your VPS to higher plans. But can’t downgrade to lower plans, because we can’t shrink the disk space. Downgrading is little complicated process rather than upgrading it. Please contact support regarding downgrading it.

Does your VPS support Windows?

Yes, Hostaya VPS Supports Linux & Windows both.

There is no such option for installing Windows OS in cart. How should I order VPS with Windows OS?

You can install any of the Linux OS listed during checkout then after successfully placing the order, you have to create ticket regarding Windows 10/Windows Server Trial ISO installation.

Why Trial version of Windows is installed ?

We do not sell/distribute any of the Windows OS license, however we install trial ISO license. You have to purchase license in order to use Windows after/before its trial period expiration.

What virtualization technology does your VPS has?

All VPS comes with KVM virtualization technology.

Does your VPS contain HDD or SDD?

Our VPS comes with Solid State Drives as primary and Hard Disk Drive as secondary drives. Secondary Disk will be added as without any partition (unpartitioned). You have to create new primary partition and mount with server. We already have tutorial mentioned in our blog.

Do you provide Control Panel and Third party Support?

We do not provide support to any Software, or Any Control Panel or Any Third party plugins/applications used in your server. Also we are not liable to damage occur due to Server Management Panel, or Control Panel installer or any other services provide by hostaya associated from any third party. Its user's responsibility to take care of every parameters.

Server Management Panel or Control Panel Installer not working properly. What should I do?

We provide Server Management Panel and Control Panel Installer for user's facility. If such service failed with any issue, we are not liable or responsible for any damage occur. You are provided with root access to have fully control over server.